Embark on Your Journey with Straightforward Admission Process

Your journey starts with an online application.

A simple online application could be the ticket to your new life in the skies. After being shortlisted, you’ll have the chance to take our first online assessment.

Nail that, and you’ll be eligible for our second online assessment which tests your potential through a series of behavioural and situational scenarios.

Pass the second assessment, and you're not just moving forward – you're flying to Manila for the main selection day in May 2024.

Selection is more than a process; it's the first step of your incredible journey to the cockpit. We’re looking for tomorrow’s high-flying airline pilots. Will you make the cut?

The Online Aptitude Testing II stage costs the candidate $300. (Only successful candidates from Online Aptitude Testing I will continue to this stage.)

Assessment phases

Online Application - Online until 15th of March

Online Aptitude Testing I (personality profile)

Online Aptitude Testing II (behavioural/situational)

Main Selection Day - Manila (May 2024)

You made it! Time to start your training.

When does the training course start?

Candidates admitted into our program are given their choice of preferred start dates. There are approximately five different start dates to choose from throughout the calendar years 2024 & 2025.

Visa processing

We have built up relationships with the embassies and departments involved and will help you to get approved quickly and with a minimum of difficulty.

Travel tickets

All cadets admitted into the programme are provided with tickets, covered by our exclusive sponsorship opportunity, to travel to the training location.


Can I Apply?

We welcome applicants with a short list of minimum requirements, eliminating the need for special education or prior knowledge in aviation. As a result, we accept aspiring pilots from diverse backgrounds, and help them pursue their dreams in the aviation industry.

Minimum Requirements

  • 18 - 35 years old

  • Must be a Filipino citizen

  • At least a high school education

Apart from these formal requirements, applicants will have to pass through our selection process, where skills, talent and passion for aviation are highly valued.

From Zero → to Cockpit in 91 weeks

As you begin your new career, we assure you'll be thoroughly prepared for the challenges of an airline pilot's life. Explore training details on our dedicated page to learn more.

Claim Your Wings Today!

The sky is calling. Are you ready to answer? Apply now while you still can! Your future awaits.

Applications closing on 15th of March 2024.