Terms & Conditions

Conditions for Aptitude Testing within the Sponsored Cadet Pilot Training Program

1. Purpose and Identification of the Organizer of the Sponsored Cadet Pilot Training

This document sets out the conditions applicable to assessments of aptitude for a sponsored Cadet Pilot training organized by Cadetpilot.aero s.r.o., ID. No.: 09831975, with registration seat at Charvatova 1988/3, 110 00 Prague 1, the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as “cadetpilot.aero”). The candidate accepts the conditions by submitting his/her registration for the Aptitude Testing within the Cadet Pilot training (hereinafter referred to as “program” or “aptitude assessment”). The details regarding the procedure of the Online Aptitude Testing Round 2 within aptitude assessment are specified in the document “Detailed conditions for Online Aptitude Testing Round 2”. Conditions of ATP (Air Transport Pilot) training are subject to a separate contract which shall be concluded after successful completion of Aptitude Testing by the candidate.

2. Application Policy

The conditions for participation and requirements for joining the program are published at cadetpilot.aero and may be updated from time to time. The candidate represents that he/she has checked for compliance with such conditions and requirements immediately before submitting his/her application for the program. The contract relating to aptitude assessment is concluded when the cadetpilot.aero confirms the application of the candidate in the form of an e-mail.

3. Reapplication Period

Cadetpilot.aero applies strict conditions relating to repeated aptitude assessments of unsuccessful candidates. A candidate who fails to pass any part of the aptitude assessment has an opportunity to repeat the aptitude assessment only after 12 calendar months from the date when he/she was informed about his/her failed attempt.

Candidates are given this time to improve their skills and knowledge before repeating the aptitude assessment. Unsuccessful candidates are always informed about the particular part of aptitude assessment they failed to pass so that they are aware of the specific knowledge and skills they should focus on.

4. Course of aptitude assessment

Aptitude assessment consists of several rounds. Only candidates who successfully pass the particular rounds are allowed to proceed with the next round. Candidates may terminate their participation in the aptitude assessment at any time. The assessment usually consists of the following rounds:

  • The application screening

  • Online Aptitude Testing Round 1

  • Online Aptitude Testing Round 2

  • Panel Interview

5. Validity of assessments

An aptitude assessment with a positive result is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The training may only be started within the said period. In exceptional and justified cases, validity of the assessment may be extended, however not for more than 24 months from the date of issue.

6. Administrative Fees

Registration for the aptitude assessment, Online Aptitude Testing Round 1 and Panel Interview provided by cadetpilot.aero by own resources are free of charge for the candidate. The only part paid by the candidate is Online Aptitude Testing Round 2, for which cadetpilot.aero employs services of a partnering company. Realization of this round of the aptitude assessment and evaluation of the prerequisites for successfully passing the pilot training is subject to the candidate’s payment of a 300 USD fee. The details are specified in the in the document “Detailed conditions for Online Aptitude Testing Round 2”.

Only candidates successfully passing the application screening and Online Aptitude Testing Round 1 will be asked to pay the above amount for participation in the Online Aptitude Testing Round 2. In case the successful candidate would like to continue the program and would like to participate in the Online Aptitude Testing Round 2, he/she are required to pay the fee in the amount of USD 300. The instructions of the fee payment will be provided in an email that will be sent to successful candidates and in the document “Detailed conditions for Online Aptitude Testing Round 2”.

7. No Refund of Administrative Fees

The fee according to Article 6 is not refundable. This also applies in cases where the candidate misses a certain phase of testing or terminates his/her participation at the time between payment of the fee and realization of the testing. The details are specified in the document “Detailed conditions for Online Aptitude Testing Round 2”.

8. Withdrawal from the contract

The candidate has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days from the date of conclusion of the contract. The candidate takes into consideration that the document “Detailed conditions for Online Aptitude Testing Round 2” provides special conditions for withdrawal from the contract relating to Online Aptitude Testing Round 2. In case the successful candidate decides to proceed to the Online Aptitude Testing Round 2, he/she shall give prior express consent with the provision of services (delivery of the digital content for Online Aptitude Testing Round 2) before the end of the time limit for withdrawal from the contract and the candidate shall thereby lose his/her right of withdrawal.

9. Medical Conditions

Assessment of the candidate’s (physical and mental) health condition is not part of the aptitude assessment. Every candidate is required to consult a medical specialist in cases where the candidate is aware of any health issues that might limit him/her in acquiring a class 1 medical certificate. The requirements for issuing a class 1 medical certificate can be found on this page:


Examination and verification of the health condition of candidates who successfully pass the aptitude assessment and are selected for the Cadet pilot training is covered by cadetpilot.aero.

10. Personal Data

Personal data Cadetpilot.aero process on the basis of consent or on the basis of the law. Personal data provided by candidates will be collected and processed in the course of the aptitude assessment. Cadetpilot.aero may store the data in both electronic and paper-based forms. Cadetpilot.aero adopted adequate technical and organisational measures in order to prevent unauthorised access and misuse of your personal data. By enrolling in the aptitude assessment, the candidate gives his/her consent to cadetpilot.aero to process the provided data internally as well as by means of third parties cooperating with cadetpilot.aero in the aptitude assessment.

11. Final Provisions

Cadetpilot.aero represents that it always strives for assessing the candidate’s abilities and capacities in a fair manner to choose the most suitable candidates for the program. However, no legal right to success in the program or placement in a sponsored pilot training does exist or arise in any phase of the process. Nothing contained in this document alone or in combination with any facts may be interpreted to establish the candidate’s legal right to such success or any performance by cadetpilot.aero. The company reserves the right to terminate the aptitude assessment program with any candidate at any phase of the program without stating a reason, for example also by merely not sending information concerning the next round of aptitude assessment.

12. Legal Framework

Any and all relationships created between cadetpilot.aero and the candidate in connection with the aptitude assessment program shall be governed by laws of the Czech Republic. The aptitude assessment program is not a public best offer competition or a public offer within the meaning of Sec. 1772 or Sec. 1780 of the Czech Civil Code. Provisions of Sec. 1799 and Sec. 1800 of the Czech Civil Code on adhesion contracts shall not apply.

13. Resolving Disputes

Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be finally resolved before materially and locally competent court of the Czech Republic. The competent subject of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2, website: www.coi.cz.

14. Contacts

  • Charvatova 1988/3, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

  • +420 705 938 034

  • info@cadetpilot.aero

15. Policy Effective From

This policy is effective from 1st of February 2024.