Career Outlook for Pilots

The industry is booming, demand is sky high, and the pay is stellar. Find out why.

There has never been a better time. 

There has never been a more promising time to pursue a career as a pilot. The aviation industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom, and as a result, pilot salaries are reaching new heights.

The surge in demand for air travel, coupled with evolving global economic trends, has created a pressing need for a robust supply of well-trained pilots, which is becoming critical to maintaining the safety and prosperity of the aviation industry.

"...aspiring pilots who begin flight training today will be positioned to seize emerging opportunities by the time they graduate"

Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook 2022-2041

Pilot and Technician Outlook 2023-2042

Forecasted growth numbers by aircraft manufacturers


New pilots needed worldwide over the next 20 years

Boeing forecast


Airline traffic to double in size in the next 20 years

Airbus forecast

3,2 %

Average annual increase in demand for air transport until 2041

Embraer forecast

Sky's the Limit: Perks of Being an Airline Pilot

Airline pilots enjoy exciting benefits, making it a rewarding and dynamic career choice.

Benefit 01

Stable & rewarding profession

Not everyone has the chance to become an airline pilot with all expenses paid like you do! That spells job security for you because there are fewer pilots than jobs, and the demand is growing.

Not only that, but international travel continues to increase year after year – and that means you’re positioned for a long and stable career in the pilot seat.

Benefit 02

Multi-million $ career

Pilots typically enjoy substantial salaries, with newly hired first officers making around $48,000-72,000 per year. For senior captains in legacy carriers, annual earnings can soar up to $400,000.

Choosing the right career path and starting early can lead to total career earnings reaching more than $10 million.

Benefit 03

Exploring the world

The nature of the profession allows pilots to explore diverse destinations worldwide, experiencing various cultures and countries around the world.

Pilots typically also receive free or heavily discounted tickets for themselves, their immediate family, and sometimes even friends, allowing for cost-effective personal travel.

Pilots Love Their Career.

The majority of pilots never regret their career choice. Enjoy the rewards of a lucrative career and all of the life benefits that come along with it. Your future awaits.

Applications closing on 15th of March 2024.