Experience the beauty of Prague. The heart of Europe.

Training program takes place in one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the world: Prague.

Prague: your gateway to the skies

Your 91-weeks training program will take place in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe.

Recognised as the safest city in Europe, Prague is the perfect home base – where an aspiring pilot like you can focus on their dreams in comfort and enjoyment.

Our sponsorship program includes accommodation and monthly stipend to cover food together with other basic personal living costs.

A Safe, Vibrant, and Welcoming City

This city, ranked 7th globally for students, is not just a place to learn but a vibrant community waiting for your arrival. Picture the golden hues of Prague at sunset as you discuss flight theories with classmates at a cozy café.

Here you will meet your closest lifelong friends, fellow pilots with a heart for adventure like you.


Safest city in Europe by William Russell insurance company


Prague was ranked 7th best city for students by Campus Advisor

Experience all of Europe during your 91 weeks of training

Strategically located at the continent's heart, Prague offers more than just scenic views and historic landmarks of its own. It's your gateway to all of Europe, a central hub from which you can explore neighbouring countries like Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime; a chance to live the stories you will tell forever.

Be our next
success story.

"I applied and the rest is history. My life changed completely. What was once a dream is now a reality."

Carl Lemuel Granali, Pilot in Training